About Us

Master Instructor and Owner Darrin Warren started training at age 13 in Ji Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do under the instruction of (now) Grandmaster Samual D. Naples, and examined by Grandmaster Kae Bae Chun. Prior to starting martial arts, Instructor Warren had some back procedures and major surgeries to correct his scoliosis. These procedures left him with limited mobility, but his dream was to become a black belt.  He attempted some other styles of martial arts before adopting Tae Kwon Do as his discipline. Instructor Warren took a break from practicing martial arts through his college years and the early years of his marriage.  His desire to reenter the martial arts never waivered. When his son, Damon Warren, turned 5 he was enrolled into the Jr Tae Kwon Do School under Master Bruce Beumont. Damon achieved his black belt soon after the School was purchased by Master Justin Taylor. Damon then asked his dad to join him and Master Taylor in training at the school.  Master Warren achieved his 1st degree blackbelt from Master Taylor. Master Warren is now a 4th degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do. Master Warren with the assistance of his son Instructor Damon Warren 3rd degree, opened his school in Sept of 2016.  Master Warren and his other black belts continue to train under 6th degree blackbelt Master Justin Taylor.  Master Warren’s family centered school is designed to help everyone regardless of age and physical abilities reach their goals.