School Rules and Creeds

School Rules and Creeds

  1. Students must BOW to all Masters upon entering and leaving the school; students must bow to all Black Belts as well. This shows humility and respect
  2. When entering and leaving the Do Jang Floor, students must stand at attention, salute the flag and bow at all times.
  3. Uniforms are to be kept neat, clean and odor free at all times. Uniforms are to be worn into the Do Jang or placed neatly inside a gym bag. They are not to be worn in public.
  4. No Jewelry, gum, or food is permitted on the Do Jang floor.
  5. Warren’s Martial Arts School approved equipment package (Forearm, Shin/Instep, Chest guard, Helmet) is required once student obtains their orange belt. (Tiger’s purple stripe)
  6. Do not face your Instructor or the flags when tying your belt or adjusting your uniform.
  7. Vulgar language, bad facial expressions and unjust gossip are never permitted.
  8. Never leave class or take a break without asking permission from your Instructor.
  9. A serious attitude is necessary at all times.
  10. All finger and toe nails must be kept at a short length.
  11. A Masters approval must be obtained before participation in tournaments, demos or wearing of the school uniform outside of the school.
  12. Students are not permitted to practice or demonstrate the Art with others outside of our Tae Kwon Do family. Students are not permitted to teach others unless requested to do so by an Instructor.
  13. When waiting to speak to your Instructor, bow first, then wait for his/her acknowledgement before speaking, then bow and say “Thank you Sir (or Ma’am)”.
  14. When leaving the school, students should stay in the waiting room or on the sidewalk. An arrangement should be made with their parents, and/or driver on how to get picked up without running to the car.
  15. Students should always bow when they see their instructor in public. Tae Kwon do is a way of life. It is NOT part time.
  16. Remember that Tae Kwon Do is a serious art; never treat our art with disrespect and never misuse it.

The Tae Kwon Do Creed

The Spirit of the Tae Kwon Do Practitioner

  • Loyalty to Country
  • Obedience to Parent and Teacher
  • Respect Your Elders
  • Be Faithful to your Friends
  • Never Take a Life Without A Cause
  • Never Give Up – Persevere to Finish What You Start
  • Never Retreat in the Face of the Enemy

NOTE: Required for Green Belt

Grandmaster John H. Kim’s 9 Guidelines

  1. Do Your Best
  2. Be Proud
  3. Be Honest
  4. Be Sincere
  5. Be Patient
  6. Be Humble
  7. Be Diligent
  8. Be Happy
  9. Self-Control

NOTE: Required for Blue Belt